Blogging about island life

In Complicated SimplicityI focussed on the experience of intrepid people living on islands that are off the ferry grid. Time and time again, I heard from islanders about the pleasures and difficulties they encountered while making a satisfying life on such islands. Whether this involves challenging passages, transporting the diverse materials required for building and living on island, or maintaining relationships, a simple life on islands without ferries is inherently complicated.

Even as I was sorting through hours of transcripts and doing my best to integrate the insights they had shared, I was aware that there are many other people on this coast and well beyond who also have fascinating tales of their island sojourns. I hope that those of you who have experienced the pleasures — and trials — of life on islands both on and off the ferry grid will share your reflections here. And if you have questions or are contemplating such a lifestyle, perhaps others can offer advice….

As a start, it would be wonderful to learn more about what attracted you, in the first place, to move to an island. What makes your island special? And do your dreams match reality?

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